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Drupal Module: Connecting with other Drupal Sites

The Drupal module uses XML-RPC to connect your site with a Drupal server which maintains a directory of Drupal sites on Enabling this module will also allow members on all sites using it to login to your site without registering using their Drupal distributed ID and vice versa: your members can login to any other Drupal site using a login name which looks much like an email address for your site:

To setup this module:

  • Enable it on the modules page.
  • On the Drupal module settings page,:
    • Make sure that the Drupal XML-RPC server field is set to
    • Check the Enabled button
    • And save the configuration

NOTE: If you want your site listed in the directory of Drupal sites, you'll also need to provide a slogan and mission on the main configuration page.