Lane Lewis's C.R.A.P. Theory

From: "Lane Lewis" 
Subject: Coprolite Research And Procurement
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 13:22:53 +0000 (UTC)
Organization: RoadRunner - Tampa Bay
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Coprolite Research And Procurement.
Also known as C.R.A.P

     I created CRAP to bring forth excitingly new scientific evidence that
will I hope will show the fallacy of creation science. Coprolites as ancient
poop is better known, especially Dinosaur Coprolites will be the determining
evidence that all scientific creationist will shy away from. Now you may ask
just how does fecal matter. A little background may be in order. First we
have to determine the type of dinosaur the coprolite came from, in other
words the feces species. Once the poop-ertrator has been identified we can
then date the coprolite though radiometric dating or the sedimentary layers
it was found in. Once having established the Date we then get to examine the
evidence. Who can forget the first Triassic Park movie when that cute little
cookie Lorna Doone rolled up her shirt sleeve and plunged head first into a
huge steaming pile of Brontosaurus dung. Well itís not that bad because the
Coprolites we work with are all fossilized and require cutting saws and chip
hammers, and the lets just say the odor has long since been passed.

     Once the coprolites have been analyzed we can then determine just what
the dinosaur was munching on, often their diets changes through the season
and of course the herbivores coprolites contents will be mostly plant
material with the occasional insect or small creature that mistakenly
thought it was safe on the underside of a leaf, and the carnivorous
dinosaurs will be composed of mostly of well herbivore dinosaurs (so much
for the needing roughage argument).

     So you might now ask what all this has to do with so called creation
science, as noted earlier the only way to date coprolites was by radiometric
dating or the strata layer it was found in, Creationist not being too hip on
the radiometric form completely discount this type of dating leaving only
the sedimentary layers which they also discount due to circular reasoning.
It seems geologist date fossils by which sedimentary layers they were found
in and then date the layers by the type of fossils buried in them, or so the
creationist say.

     Enter the coprolite, yes now we can date the layers by what type of
coprolite it has in it. Since coprolites have a unique property of only
having certain animal and plants in them such as you will never find the
remains of a dog in a dinosaur dropping you can bet that those layers were
there before dogs evolved. So now we have the layer, fossil, and coprolite
which no longer make it circular but now triangular reasoning. End of
creationist argument.

     Thereís also a problem with the Garden of Eden hypothesis where the
dinosaurs and humans all the earthís plants and creatures existed together
at the same time. Since a T-Rex would have found the occasional slow moving
human an irresistible snack you would expect to find the remains of our
family tree in a coprolite or two not to mention that giant herbivores would
have found the occasional magnolia just too tasty to pass up for dessert.
Alas thatís not what we find, either dinosaurs had extremely discriminating
taste or the Garden of Eden hypothesis has some serious problems.

     So in closing I would like anyone to try and sort through any flaws in
my CRAP  theory before they flush it down the commode. Any serious inquiry
will only lead one to the conclusion that evolution and not creation science
can conform to the pile of evidence that coprolites add to.

(Some common misconceptions against the CRAP theory.)

Where are all the transitional coprolites.

Since no one was there to watch the coprolite being created how do you know
their real.

Every time a coprolite was excreted it could only be a loss of information.

 (and the classic)

If coprolites evolved from dinosaurs why are there still dinosaurs