The Math Professor-Approved Harptian Challenge Generator

So many accusations get tossed around on, and so few get the attention they deserve. Recently, Mark Harpt hit upon a way of almost effortlessly discarding allegations aimed at him. A prominent poster to, and tenured professor of math at a state university, has posted often defending Mark Harpt's use of this form of shortcircuiting allegations.

I think it is time that the benefits of this approach were brought to the masses. Therefore, I have modified Mark Harpt's original challenge slightly for use as a template. Just fill in the three fields below, and you too can obtain the benefits of Harptian challenge for those pesky people who pester you to support your claims with something other than plain old assertions!

To illustrate the enormous power of Harptian challenge, try entering "The IRS", "cheated on my taxes", and "last year" in the fields below!

I especially encourage those who have been accused of various things by that particular tenured professor of math to utilize this form of challenge, which he is on record defending against all and sundry, against him! Have fun!

Examples of the generality of the Harptian Challenge Generator

Try out these parameters!

Who made the allegation?
What was the allegation?
Where were you alleged to do it?

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