Poetry (well, it could be verse...)

Ted Holden

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Sentenced to die, by electrocution,
Raoul don' panic, he got de solution:
     "Why die like a rat, when I can die like a man,
     an fry my OWN brain, befo' dem puercos can..."
an so Raoul light up, an he stroke de stroke,
an he smoke de spliff, what no man aint smoked,
an he fry his mind, on dat' bad pollution,
an den he start talkin' bout' EVOLUTION...
(from "The Conversion of Raoul Jose-Domingo Tokovar,
Ediacara/Toromanurian Drug Lord to Evolutionism")

Kalki Dasa


Kalki "dahh da da...da-da, da-da, dahh da da...da-da, da-da...
       We don't need no evolution....
       We don't need no sold out souls....
       No Darwins' spasms in the classroom....
       Teacher, leave the kids alone...
       Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!"  Dasa