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William Dembski, Haverford College, 2001/06/17

"I would go further than that and say that I value objective peer review. I always learn more from my critics than from the people who think I'm wonderful."

- William A. Dembski as quoted by Fred Heeren

Purpose of these Pages

Pages maintained by Wesley R. Elsberry.

I intend these pages to provide the most complete coverage of links to online resources concerning the work of William A. Dembski, including critical commentary. It is a scholarly resource where the interested researcher can learn about not only William Dembski's ideas, but also about the significant criticisms which have been made concerning those ideas.

To accomplish this, I would like to recruit your help. If you know of links to work by Dembski online that aren't listed here, or especially commentary on Dembski's work that I have not listed, please email them to me at

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