Anti-Evolution Legislation: Michigan House Bill 4382 (2001)



A bill proposed by Rep. Gosselin (House Bill 4382) seeks to amend 1976 PA 451, "The revised school code". The bill directs that all references to "evolution" or "how species change through time" should have additional words added that students should be informed that evolution is an unproven theory and that students should explain the "competing theories" of evolution and "THE THEORY THAT LIFE IS THE RESULT OF THE PURPOSEFUL, INTELLIGENT DESIGN OF A CREATOR."

Commentary and Critiques

The Michigan Scientific Evolution Education Initiative home page gives many resources concerning HB4382, specifically linked from this page. A mailing list is hosted by MSEEI to coordinate opposition to HB4382.

Contact Information for Legislators, etc.

Michigan maintains a web page listing all their state legislators with phone numbers and email addresses.

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Anti-Evolution and the Law