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NCSE Evolution and Climate Education Update for 2015/01/09

(by NCSE Deputy Director Glenn Branch)

Dear friends of NCSE,

A preview of James McClintock's Lost Antarctica. And a spate of
reaction to West Virginia's undermining of climate science in its new
state science standards.


NCSE is pleased to offer a free preview of James McClintock's Lost
Antarctica: Adventures in a Disappearing Land (Palgrave Macmillan,
2014). The preview consists of chapter 2, "It is All about the Ice."
"The ecological impacts of rapid climate change on the marine life of
the Antarctic Peninsula are inseparably linked with the environment
and geography," McClintock explains.

"With rare clarity, humor, high adventure and deep, sobering insight,
gifted scientist-explorer-writer James McClintock shares decades of
experience on, around and under the wildest ocean on Earth. Every
person alive should read -- and heed -- this riveting account of the
swift changes now sweeping Antarctica -- and the world. If Indiana
Jones were a marine biologist, he would aspire to be James
McClintock," writes Sylvia Earle.

For the preview of Lost Antarctica (PDF), visit: 

For information about the book from its publisher, visit: 


"Groups that support teaching students about the evidence showing that
humans are contributing to a global rise in temperatures are speaking
out against West Virginia's changes to the state's new K-12 science
education standards," reports the Charleston Gazette (January 4,

As NCSE previously reported, the board asked for changes to the Next
Generation Science Standards to downplay climate change. Wade Linger,
a member of the board, told the Gazette (December 28, 2014), "We're on
this global warming binge going on here," adding, "We need to look at
all the theories about it."

Among the groups denouncing the changes was NCSE. Mark McCaffrey
contributed a column to the Gazette (January 4, 2015), observing, "On
climate, the standards follow the National Research Council's
Framework for K-12 Science Education, which in turn reflect the
consensus of the scientific community."

But, he explained, the revisions compromise the scientific integrity
of the NGSS, misrepresenting the facts and conveying "the
misrepresentation that climate change is scientifically
controversial." He concluded, "the board's revisions to the standards
undermine the quality of West Virginia's public education system."

Jim Probst, West Virginia's state coordinator for Citizens Climate
Lobby, told the Gazette that the changes were irresponsible. "They've
instituted inaccuracies into the standards, and that, just on face
value, seems wrong ... It's service to our kids, it just really is.
Reality is one thing, and hoping that it isn't is something else

Also denouncing the changes was Climate Parents, whose director Lisa
Hoyos told the Gazette, "It's a deeply inappropriate concern that the
kids shouldn't get to learn the truth about climate change because it
might impact the coal industry." Climate Parents plans to petition the
board to rescind the changes.

The board's attorney told the Gazette that a member of the board could
introduce a proposal to rescind the changes at a future meeting. If
the board voted for the proposal, a policy would then be prepared for
a future vote. "The policy cycle includes a 30-day comment period,
opportunity for change based on comments[,] and a final vote to
implement the change."

For the two news stories in the Charleston Gazette, visit: 

For Mark McCaffrey's op-ed column in the Charleston Gazette, visit: 

And for NCSE's previous coverage of events in West Virginia, visit: 


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