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NCSE Evolution and Climate Education Update for 2015/10/02

(by NCSE Deputy Director Glenn Branch)

Dear friends of NCSE,

New survey data on the scientific consensus on human-caused climate change.


"Using responses from nearly 700 biophysical scientists," a new survey
"finds that approximately 92 percent of them believe that human-caused
climate change is really happening," according to the Washington Post
(September 25, 2015), reporting on J. S. Carlton, Rebecca Perry-Hill,
Matthew Huber, and Linda S. Prokopy's "The climate change consensus
extends beyond climate scientists," published in Environmental
Research Letters.

Asked "When compared with pre-1800's levels, do you think that mean
global temperatures have generally risen, fallen, or remained
relatively constant?" 93.6% of respondents indicated that they thought
temperatures have risen, 2.1% indicated that they thought temperatures
had remained relatively constant, 0.6% indicated that they thought
temperatures had fallen, and 3.7% indicated they had no opinion or did
not know.

When respondents who indicated that they thought that average global
temperatures have risen when compared to pre-1800s levels were asked,
"Do you think human activity is a significant contributing factor in
changing mean global temperatures?" 98.2% agreed. Multiplying 98.2%
and 93.6%, Carlton and his colleagues concluded, "91.9% of scientists
surveyed believed in anthropogenic climate change."

Presented with the proposition that climate science is a credible
science, 78.79% of respondents strongly agreed, 15.30% moderately
agreed, 3.03% slightly agreed, 1.06% were undecided, 0.61% slightly
disagreed, 0.91% moderately disagreed, and 0.30% strongly disagreed.
Carlton and his colleagues observed, "The average response to 'Climate
science is a credible science' was 6.67 out of 7, indicating strong

The researchers concluded, "there is a general consensus among
biophysical scientists across the United States that (1) climate
change is occurring, (2) humans are contributing to it, and (3)
climate science is a trustworthy, mature, and credible discipline.
Scientists who continue to claim otherwise are operating outside of
the consensus, not just of climate scientists, but also of scientists
as a whole."

The survey was conducted among scientists at the twelve universities
in the Big 10 conference. Two thousand scientists were randomly
selected; 1868 were successfully contacted by e-mail and asked to take
the survey; 698 responses were received (for a 37.4% response rate).
Two versions of the survey, including or excluding "cultural values"
questions, were used; there was no significant differences in response
rate between the two versions.

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