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NCSE Evolution and Climate Education Update for 2016/04/15

(by NCSE Deputy Director Glenn Branch)

Dear friends of NCSE,

A controversy over creationist encroachments in Poland's schools. And
a Facebook milestone for NCSE.


A controversy is smoldering over the distribution of a creationist
book to schools in Poland. According to Gazeta Wyborcza (March 2,
2016), unsolicited copies of Maciej Giertych's Ewolucja, Dewolucja,
Nauka (Evolution, Devolution, Science) were sent to the biology
teachers in public and private secondary schools across the country in
early 2016.

A dendrologist and socially conservative politician, Giertych is also
a persistent critic of evolution. For example, in 2006, as Ulrich
Kutschera reported in Reports of the NCSE, Giertych moderated a
seminar at the European Parliament (in which he was then representing
Poland) in which evolution was criticized by a number of creationists.

Giertych also appeared in the 2008 creationist propaganda film
Expelled, in which he asserted that evolution is incapable of
producing new genetic information. Ironically, while Expelled blamed
the acceptance of evolution for the Holocaust, Giertych wrote a
booklet that the European Jewish Congress condemned as anti-Semitic,
as Reuters (February 19, 2007) reported.

Giertych told Gazeta Wyborcza, "The book accessibly shows the
inconsistencies in the theory of evolution and the lack of evidence
for it, as well as a growing number of evidence against it." But Jacek
Graff, a biology teacher in Krakow who received the book, was not so
enthusiastic, describing it as "hair-raising" and "a frightening

Szymon Drobniak, an evolutionary biologist at the Jagiellonian
University, outlined and rebutted the major claims of Giertych's book
in a column for Gazeta Wyborcza (March 2, 2016). "Giertych conducts
his whole discussion in a very biased view," he summarized, "avoiding
hard evidence and not presenting a single truly scientific source."

Drobniak also organized a petition asking the ministry of education to
inform schools that the book is not endorsed by the ministry and to
refer teachers to authoritative sources on evolution, which will
enable them to rebut the misconceptions and misrepresentations of
Giertych's book. The ministry has yet to respond.

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