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NCSE Evolution and Climate Education Update for 2016/09/02

(by NCSE Deputy Director Glenn Branch)

Dear friends of NCSE,

A new issue of Reports of the NCSE is available on-line. And news
about NCSE's 2017 excursion to the Grand Canyon.


NCSE is pleased to announce that the latest issue of Reports of the
National Center for Science Education is now available on-line. The
issue -- volume 36, number 3 -- is the third issue in the newsletter's
new, streamlined, and full-color format.

Featured are "Defending Darwin in Kentucky," James J. Krupa's report
on his decades of teaching evolution in the Bluegrass State; Randy
Moore's discussion of a creationist "museum" in Crosbyton, Texas; news
about NCSE's outreach projects from Minda Berbeco and Emily
Schoerning; and a review of Gordon H. Orians's Snakes, Sunrise, and
Shakespeare by Nancy Easterlin.

The entire issue is freely available in PDF form from Members of NCSE will have already received 
the issue in the mail, and will be receiving the next issue of Reports
in September 2016. (Not a member? Join today!)

For RNCSE 36:3 (PDF), visit: 

For information about joining NCSE, visit: 


Explore the Grand Canyon with NCSE! Reservations are now available for
NCSE's next excursion to the Grand Canyon -- as featured in the
documentary No Dinosaurs in Heaven. From June 29 to July 7, 2017, NCSE
will again explore the wonders of creation and evolution on a Grand
Canyon river run.

Because this is an NCSE trip, we offer more than just the typically
grand float down the Canyon, the spectacular scenery, fascinating
natural history, brilliant night skies, exciting rapids, delicious
meals, and good company. It is, in fact, a unique "two-model" raft
trip, on which we provide both the creationist view of the Grand
Canyon (maybe not entirely seriously) and the evolutionist view -- and
let you make up your own mind. To get a glimpse of the fun, watch the
short videos filmed in 2011, posted on NCSE's YouTube channel, explore
photographs by 2016's rafters in the expedition's Flickr group, and
listen to Scientific American's Steve Mirsky's podcasts about the
excursion. The cost of the excursion is $2875; a deposit of $500 will
hold your spot. Seats are limited: call, write, or e-mail now.

And, for the third time, NCSE will offer scholarships to one or two
lucky teachers, giving them a unique opportunity to spend eight days
exploring the geology and natural history of the Canyon. (Brandon
Haught, Alyson Miller, and Scott Hatfield wrote about their
experiences on the trip on NCSE's blog.) Your donations to the
scholarship fund help to make the scholarship program possible.

For information about the excursion, visit: 

For information about No Dinosaurs in Heaven, visit: 

For the videos, photographs, and podcasts, visit: 

For Haught's, Miller's, and Hatfield's blog posts about their
experiences, visit: 

And for information about donating to the scholarship fund, visit: 


Have you been visiting NCSE's blog, The Science League of America,
recently? If not, then you've missed:

* Ann Reid reviewing Michael E. Mann and Tom Toles's The Madhouse Effect: 

* Stephanie Keep describing the latest research from Neil Shubin's lab: 

* Glenn Branch tracing a misattributed quotation from 1923 to 1880: 

And much more besides!

For The Science League of America, visit: 

Thanks for reading. And don't forget to visit NCSE's website -- -- where you can always find the latest news on 
evolution and climate education and threats to them.


Glenn Branch
Deputy Director
National Center for Science Education, Inc.
1904 Franklin Street, Suite 600
Oakland CA 94612-2922
fax 510-788-7971 

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