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NCSE Evolution and Climate Education Update for 2016/09/30

(by NCSE Deputy Director Glenn Branch)

Dear friends of NCSE,

Two members of Congress make the case for the Climate Change Education
Act. And there are new state science standards in Wyoming.


Writing in the Guardian (September 28, 2016), two members of Congress
-- Mike Honda (D-California, District 17) and Edward J. Markey
(D-Massachusetts) -- incisively presented the case for their Climate
Change Education Act, currently under consideration in both houses of

"The legislation would require the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration ... to create a Climate Change Education Program geared
towards teaching students and others about climate change," Honda and
Markey explain. "In much the same way we teach our children the ABCs
as a foundation for a lifetime of learning, we must encourage a
national discussion, especially with our youth, about how we can
reduce our carbon footprint and serve as stewards of our environment."

Alluding to the recent NCSE/Penn State survey about the teaching of
climate change, NCSE's executive director Ann Reid previously
commented, "We know for a fact that too many teachers are unprepared
to present climate change, especially when they encounter ideological
resistance. The proposed bills [Markey's Senate Bill 3074 and Honda's
House Bill 1961] will allow the federal government to help teachers to
present climate change accurately, honestly, and confidently."

Honda and Markey concluded, "There is a trove of science behind
climate change but there is still much more to learn, especially about
the consequences of climate change. It is time we began to learn
together, as families, as communities and as a country. If only
because we are truly in this together."

For Honda and Markey's column in the Guardian, visit: 

For NCSE's report on the NCSE/Penn State survey (PDF), visit: 

And for information about Senate Bill 3074 and House Bill 1961, visit: 


The Wyoming state board of education unanimously voted to approve a
new set of state science standards on September 23, 2016, according to
the Sheridan Press (September 24, 2016).

It was a long journey for Wyoming. In 2014, the state was poised to
adopt the Next Generation Science Standards, when the legislature
passed a budget that blocked the use of state funds "for any review or
adoption" of the NGSS. A coauthor of the provision was clear that he
was alarmed by the NGSS's treating "global warming as settled

After outcry from the state's scientific and educational communities,
the budget provision was repealed, but the state board of education
subsequently decided not to adopt the NGSS but to ask a committee to
develop a new set of science standards for the state. The standards
were based on, but not entirely identical to, the NGSS.

"The new standards were altered to be less definitive about man-made
climate change," according to the Sheridan Press, but John Friedrich
of Climate Parents downplayed the importance of the change, telling
the newspaper: "They made a couple of tweaks but nothing that was too

The standards must be further approved by Governor Matt Mead. They are
expected to be fully implemented in the 2020-2021 school year, but
about half of Wyoming's school districts are already aligned with the

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And for NCSE's previous coverage of events in Wyoming, visit: 


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