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The Critic's Resource on AntiEvolution



* This project began with discussions between Don Frack and Troy Britain concerning the desirability of having the trial transcript. At the 1999 Skeptics' Society meeting, the McLean v. Arkansas trial became a topic of discussion with Don Frack, Troy Britain, Mark Todd, John Castalano, and Wesley Elsberry. This led to a protracted period of correspondence and eventually, in mid-2000, to the first acquisition of copies of pages from the plaintiff's portion of the trial transcript.

* The Arkansas state office of the ACLU provided a copy of their copy of the transcript. Janet Linde, the national ACLU archivist, researched the copyright status of materials. Chris Kitto at Princeton's Mudd Library assisted in making an order for ancillary materials from the ACLU collection.

* G. Brent Dalrymple and Francisco Ayala (both plaintiffs' witnesses) provided copies of ancillary materials that they had as a participant in the McLean v. Arkansas trial.

* The National Center for Science Education provided copies of ancillary materials donated to them by the late William V. Mayer, one of the plaintiffs' witnesses.

* Baker Books granted permission for the Project to publish excerpts of defense witness Norman Geisler's book Creator In The Courtroom: Scopes II (1982).

* The University of Arkansas for material from their special collections on the trial.

* Griff Ruby provided pages from the plaintiffs' portion of the trial transcript that were missing from our ACLU-AR copy.

* The bulk of the scanning services have been provided by Jim Moore with some additional material scanned by Troy Britain.

* Portions of these project pages were imported from their original html format by Peter Burns.

* A large number of people have contributed funds or services to further the project.

If you would like to contribute to the project, please contact Troy Britain.